Surf Lady on GMA for Shark Week

Why do shark attacks fascinate us?

People have an obsession with this tragedy, with over 300,000 Google searches on the words “shark attacks” each month. It does not matter if it is bull shark, tiger shark or great white shark, we are morbidly and irrationally fascinated with this phenomenon, when in reality, one has more chances of getting killed by a car or plane crash or dog bite or elevator malfunction, yet those terms don’t get the same Google hits as “shark attacks video.”Perhaps it is because of the horrifying nature of the incident. One can almost be mentally prepared for a plane crash, but to consider a shark attack? Forget it.

Films like “Jaws” directed by Steven Spielberg have people running from the water and rightfully so – it is NOT always safe to go in, which is a shame considering few things in life are as therapeutic as a great day at the beach whether sunbathing, swimming, surfing, etc.

Alleviating the fear of Shark Attacks

In today’s frantic-paced life, people more than ever need this therapeutic outlet and it is our organization’s mission to help people refine their consciousness. As such, we have compiled the FIRST EVER and ONLY comprehensive Guide to shark attack-free and sighting-free beaches in the world, in an effort to get more people into the water where it is SAFE.

Contrary to popular belief, SHARKS ARE NOT EVERYWHERE. Yes technically they CAN swim anywhere but some beaches don’t have the food they like to eat, hence, no sharks or shark attacks. We will prove it to you right now – just google the words “Sharks in Florianopolis Brazil” and you will see that is a shark attack and / or sighting free destination. So we have done exhaustive and extensive research to put together a list for you, not just by country, but of actual names of shark-free surf spots: some of our favorites include the Shit Pipe in Scotland and The Office in Indonesia (“Honey I will be staying late at The Office again!!!” *sigh*)

People in the water where it is SAFE = happy people, and happy people = a better planet for us all!