Ask any surfer their dream destination and surely Indonesia is on their list. With over 17,508 islands in the Indonesian archipelago, the possibilities are almost endless nameless. Yes that is a Nirvana reference.

Perhaps the best part of all is that there are many options of surf breaks without sharks, in case you don’t feel like swimming with them.

This month Eternal Youth Empire publishing through the not-for-profit organization Israel-Light releases the FIRST EVER and ONLY comprehensive Guide to shark attack-free destinations of the world.

The directory is compiled by researching the most popular surf spots in every surfable country and cross referencing it with research to see if there ever has been a shark attack or even well-documented shark sighting at each surf spot, because a sighting could lead to a future encounter. That is how we define “no sharks” because technically, we all know it is an open ocean and a shark can be anywhere. But statistically they like to follow their food, and for some reason, some beaches don’t have it. So we recommend beaches that have never had an attack or even a well-documented sighting, which is pretty good, because some local surfers surf the same beach every single day and if they swear that they have never ever ever seen a shark, that is good enough for us. We also conduct extensive research online.

Just because the spots we research appear to have no shark issues so far does not mean one should fully let their guard down. You should never surf without caution, and reading further releases our organization from any and all liabilities that could arise from you surfing at the spots we promote.

The point of the Guide is simply because you have your choice of where to surf, why would you pick a spot that has repeated documented shark attacks or sightings? That is all. We are not playing God and saying a beach will never have a shark there. We are just putting odds in your favor, by thoroughly researching EVERY decent wave in a country, and determining the shark probabilities there.

To give the public a taste of what the Guide is like, we hereby present you the “Top 10 surf spots in Indonesia without sharks.”

Please bear in mind that if a surf spot did not make the list, it is not because we accidentally overlooked it. We conducted extensive and exhaustive research so if a destination is not on this list, either the wave is not consistently good or has shark issues or both!!!

10. The Philippines.
Ok it is not Indonesia. But it is in the region and it has world class surfing that is not to be overlooked, with waves that compete with any destination in the world. The Philippines are ranked only 2nd to Indonesia as far as surf in the area is concerned, especially the shark free Siargao island.

9. Bali:
The most easily accessible. Especially for sharks!
So stick to ONLY Canggu and Ku De Ta – Semyniak
Yes we checked them ALL!

8. Java:
20/20s, Tiger Track Left, Tiger Track Rights,
Pangandaran, Turtles
East Java: Puncher
West Java: Timmy Turner’s New Left

7. Nusa Tenggara.
In Sumba: Watu Libung, Five-0, The Racetrack, The
Office, Wainukaka, Pantai Marosi
In Sumbawa: Nangadoro, Dedjoeng Wayne, Wara

6. Sumatra.
Sumatra main: Bali Village
Sumatra Islands: Rockstar

Incidentally, rock stars who surf include Andrew VanWyngarden of MGMT, Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and possibly Jared Leto of 30 Seconds to Mars, except there is no real evidence since he appears to be an ageless vampire and they must avoid the sun.

5. The entire ACEH region of Sumatra has no sharks!
Now, that really IS an ace in the hole.
The Mentawais is the favorite and with good reason. So for these top four, we give you several options in each, in no particular order, because how can one objectively rank a subjective wave whose conditions change daily?

Drumroll please.

The four best shark free surf destinations in Indonesia in no particular order:

Northern Mentawais: Nipussi, A-Frames
Southern Mentawais: The Hole, Greenbush,
Thunders, Sibigau Rights, Rag’s Left, Solawi
Central Menatawai: Lance’s Left, Arriks, Ombak Tidur
Mentawai: Rikas Rights, HTs

There you have it folks.
For a comprehensive Guide to shark free destinations in Indonesia and the entire world, obtain our directory on Amazon
“Swim WithOUT Sharks ~
The REAL Surfer’s Paradise:
Guide to shark attack-free Destinations of the World.”

I- L / E.Y.E.

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