David Letterman made the “Top 10 List” a way of thought. Surfing is no exception. There are all kinds of top 10 lists out there: places to surf, college surfing town, gnarliest wave, etc.
But why hasn’t anyone done a Top 10 List of places to surf with no sharks?

Don’t people want a beach without sharks?

This month Eternal Youth Empire publishing through the not-for-profit organization Israel-Light releases the FiRST EVER and ONLY comprehensive Guide to shark attack-free destinations of the world.

The directory is compiled by researching the most popular surf spots in every surfable country and cross referencing it with research to see if there ever has been a shark attack or even well-documented shark sighting at each surf spot, because a sighting could lead to a future encounter. That is how we define “no sharks” because technically, we all know it is an open ocean and a shark can be anywhere. But statistically they like to follow their food, and for some reason, some beaches don’t have it. So we recommend beaches that have never had an attack or even a well-documented sighting, which is pretty good, because some local surfers surf the same beach every single day and if they swear that they have never ever ever seen a shark, that is good enough for us. We also conduct extensive research online.

Just because the spots we research appear to have no shark issues so far does not mean one should fully let their guard down. You should never surf without caution, and reading further releases our organization from any and all liabilities that could arise from you surfing at the spots we promote.

The point of the Guide is simply because you have your choice of where to surf, why would you pick a spot that has repeated documented shark attacks or sightings? That is all. We are not playing God and saying a beach will never have a shark there. We are just putting odds in your favor, by thoroughly researching EVERY decent wave in a country, and determining the shark probabilities there.

To give the public a taste of what the Guide is like, we hereby present you the “Top 10 surf spots in the World without sharks” with #1 being the best wave.

You have probably seen a lot of the Top 10 lists out there and will recognize the countries we name of course, but possibly not the breaks, because while they are excellent 5 star waves, they also have to qualify as never having had a shark attack or even a well -documented shark sighting. And most of the very best waves in the world can’t really claim that. So we bring you sort of the 2nd best waves but at least at our destinations you have a greater chance of living to surf another day. And to us, that more than makes up for it!

10. Bears Beach in the Far South of Australia
The continent famous for having more killer surf spots than any country according to Wannasurf.com also is famous for its shark infested waters. Thank God for the not so bad news Bears!

9. Spain
Izaro and Meniakos in Pais Vasco
Wondering why the renowned Mundaka did not make it?
Hammerhead sharks is why. They are not considered very dangerous and most people aren’t afraid of them, but we aren’t most people. We’d rather test our luck by Running with the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain.
Twice 🙂

8. Indonesia
Ask any surfer their dream destination and surely Indo is in the top 3. Even before we watched “The Drifter” starring Rob Machado. It doesn’t hurt that MGMT graces the soundtrack. ANYWAY over 17,508 islands make up the Indonesian archipelago and many of them are home to sharks. Thankfully the favorite Mentawais region does have options with no sharks:
Northern Mentawais: Nipussi, A-Frames
Southern Mentawais: The Hole, Greenbush, Thunders,
Sibigau Rights, Rag’s Left, Solawi     Central Menatawai: Lance’s Left, Arriks, Ombak Tidur
Mentawai: Rikas Rights, HTs

Remember, if it is not on this list it isn’t because we  somehow overlooked it. Our research is diligent. It does not make the list simply because of shark potential.

7. Black’s Beach, San Diego, California, USA
Surfing USA? Sure, if you wanna be shark bait.
But in case you don’t, bet on Black’s.
If you surf the LA area try Haggerty’s or El Porto Manhattan Beach;
Ventura County Line and California Street in Ventura.
The blessed dolphins in these surf breaks keep the sharks away. Other than that, there is a reason that “The OC” got cancelled…

6. Punta Roca, El Salvador
Doesn’t this mean “The Savior?”
We totally agree, since surfing saved us from a meaningless life of boredom.
Mizata is also an excellent surf break as is most of the no-shark Costa del Balsamo region.

5. Pipeline, North Shore, Oahu, Hawai’i
Not just because “Blue Crush” was filmed here.
Actress Veronica Grey remembers sitting on the beach thinking, “I can’t believe I am getting paid for this.”
Backdoor and Off-The-Wall also in the North Shore are remarkably shark free in Hawai’i which is possibly tiger shark capital of the planet.

4. Still Bay, South Africa
We also have a Top 10 list of shark free beaches in South Africa and each wave is so totally redeeming in its own way that we cannot rank them – we only list them alphabetically. To see the Top 10 shark free beaches in South Africa visit http://www.SwimWithoutSharks.com

3. We really REALLY wish to qualify legendary Teahup’o, Tahiti but not one single island under a Tahitian moon makes the shark free cut. May we suggest the often overlooked Toauri, also in French Polynesia?

2. Pavones, Costa Rica
Personally we were going to list it as #1 since Costa Rica is the most consistent wave in the world with 366 surfable days a year, but when we remembered that Jason Lewis surfs in Fiji, well, we would never go against that tide.
We will say Costa Rica has the best surf in all the Americas  and our personal favorite spot is Playa Hermosa in the tony region of Santa Teresa / Mal Pais.

1. Fiji
Did we mention Jason Lewis surfs here???
Word of caution – we are only able to approve 4 surf spots as shark free out of the dozens and dozens in Fiji. They are
Typhoon Valley, King Kong RIGHTS, Lulu’s Bend, and
Sorry Beqa didn’t make it, Jase. <3 <3 <3

– Il E.Y.E.

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  1.  Jay Johnstone said on

    thank you so much for this guide!

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    This stands out as the first time I have commented right here and I must say you give genuine, and quality info for bloggers! Good job.

  3.  jo said on

    Where from your list would you recommend learning please?
    Many thanks.

  4.  Synnøve said on

    I’ve heard alot of people saying there is lots of sharks on North Shore, Oahu, Hawai’i and it’s one of the places on the Island with most sharks… I would never surf there considering what I’ve heard.

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